____________________________________________________________ The Scottish Associations of South Australia Inc.

South Australian District Tartan

The South Australian tartan was designed to recognise the significance of the various colours associated with South Australia.


Represents the Sturt's Desert Pea (Swainsona formosa) the State's official flower emblem proclaimed on 23rd November 1961, which is situated on the State official Coat of Arms.  It further symbolises the Red Cross of St George on the Union Jack.


Represents the Piping Shrike (or white backed magpie Gymnorhina tibicen teloncua) displayed proper on the gold background.  The fine black lines depict the borders of this original historic free State of South Australia.


Symbolises the Yellow Rising Sun proclaimed official by Queen Elizabeth 11 on 19th April 1984.  It is one of South Australia's official State colours and the backdrop to the Piping Shrike, which is centred on the State flag and the Coat of Arms.


Represents the defaced Union Jack (British Blue Ensign) proclaimed on 13th January 1904 as the State flag.


Represents the grassy mount or grasslands, a symbol of agriculture on which rests South Australia's official Coat of Arms.

A combination of all the colours within the tartan is a reminder of the Desert Fire opal, the State gemstone emblem, adopted by the South Australian Government in 1985.