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Clipper City of Adelaide

'City of Adelaide' - the oldest Clipper Ship in the World

The splendid clipper ship 'City of Adelaide' (formerly 'HMS Carrick') has its home in Port Adelaide where she belongs.

She is the world’s oldest composite clipper ship (wooden hull on iron frames).

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City of Adelaide

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Purpose built in Sunderland, UK in 1864, to carry passengers and cargo to and from the city of Adelaide, South Australia, and named after the city. The 'City of Adelaide' undertook 23 return voyages between London and Adelaide.  The only surviving sailing ship to have given regular service between the United Kingdom and South Australia, and only one of two surviving composite clipper ships in the world—the other is the famous, younger, 'Cutty Sark'.  

Today almost a quarter of a million Australians can trace their heritage to passengers and crew of the 'City of Adelaide'.